History of cartoon
"Jiraiya" , the first character in Japan

Jiraiya made a spectacular showing.

 The first character in Japan was born at the latter term of Edo period.
 His name is Jiraiya , and greatly took an active part by practicing the magic of giant toad (frog).
 He is a very popular Ninja of fictitious.
 So, many books are published , and a lot of kabuki plays were performed.

Jiraiya charms the frog.

 The first book "Jiraiya story" was published in 1806.
 The author is Kanwatei-Onitake who is the apprentice of Santo-Kyoden and Takizawa-Bakin.
 The story of this book is as follows....

  Rokuyaon became invulnerability by the effect of miraculous medicine "Seitenso".
  Tomokichiro wanted to revenge Rokuyaon ,so Jiraiya helped him.
  Afterwards, Jiraiya learned frog's magic from the hermit in the mountain, and strikeed his enemy....

 This story became popular, and various kinds  of stories appeared.
 The famous book was  "Jiraiya the hero" which was published in 1839.
 In this book, there were shape of paper-scissors-rock.
 I mean that...

 Jiraiya is frog , his wife is slug , and his enemy is snake.
 The frog wins to the slug, the slug wins to the snake, and the snake wins to the frog.

He attacked the snake at the request of his master.

He transforms to a huge dogfish. This is an unusual picture.

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