History of Japanese manga(comic)
spook and apparition

a girl on the dolphin,1821

 For a long time a lot of apparitions and tricky creatures as foxes, badgers and goblins were in Japan.

 Many people were bewitched by a fox and Japanese raccoon.

 The record that a fox cheated man first is being written in the book "Nihon-ryo-iki".
 The fox transformed into a beautiful girl and married a man , then gave birth to a child.
 This is a story in the first half of the 6th century.

 A racoon disguised as the person and sang a song in 627.
 This episode is being written in the authentic history of Japan.
 The first stories in the chronicles of Japan "Nihonshoki" is a big snake which has 8 heads and 8 tails.
 The history of Japan started with apparitions.

 I will introduce powerful apparitions from picture books in Edo period.

Apparition of Japanese racoon that is attacking princess,1805

Monster in sea who eats swordfish,1807

Incarnation of wolf that try to eat bad person,1815 

A man attacked from apparitions,1810

Huge bird "Garuda" blows many many soldiers to smithereens,1851

Neck of satan who spouts fire,1869

The apparition's move,1833

Revengeful ghost who attacks burglar murderer,1808

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