Vietnam in imagination
Vietnam in imagination

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 Tanken is a meaning of "exploration" in Japanese.
 In Japanese version, unusual and unknown stories are introduced with the many many photographs.
 However, such stories are not treated in the English version , because those are incomprehensible to foreigners.
 Therefore, I will explain the history of "cool Japan" like manga (cartoon) etc.

Historic Men and Scenes
(This text is a digital copy of a book, "Franklin Edson Belden:Historic Men and Scenes". This book, published in 1898, is already in the public domain.)

●History of Japanese manga (comic)
   1: illustrated books in the Edo period (1603-1867)
   2: the first character in Japan
   3: spook and apparition (1603-1867)

●Fantasmo Japan
   1: decorated cars


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